The Chronicles of Addie

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

back with a..flop!

ok ok ok
i'm back!!! (Hallelujah chorus in the background)
i hope everyone is doing ok.. sorry i haven't been blogging lately i've just been umm busy? (bad excuse i know!) nothing much has been going on really.. i go to school, eat, homework, sleep, same routine each day haha! i'm still waiting to hear from colleges, which is really annoying me cause i'm ready to know where i'm going. i'm tired of waiting around!!!
march is probably going to be a very busy month for me, i'll hardly be in school. we have a teacher workday the 2nd week in march, then the next week is senior trip, then senior skip day, and a few days later is spring break. that brings us to april (the best month!) and my birthday will be here before ya know it! haha.
hmmmm. i can't think of anything to say. my blogs are normally about nothing inparticular and then i just end up rambling about the same stuff all the time. :/ i've had to memorize about 298749 lines from Macbeth for my english class. is that interesting? oh well i give up.
oh yeah..i got the notebook the other day. i really like that movie!
ok care, i hope you're happy darling!

love always, ADJ

Saturday, February 05, 2005


ahhh emma is singing off key and really loud! hahahahaha (i'm serious too..she really is!)

anway...i just got off the phone with carey. we talked for almost 2 hours.. :) we talked about her job, family stuff, weddings, college...and more. haha. carey is awesome just in case you didn't know that. and she's gonna call me first!! (right care?)

well i don't have much to say like always. i might make ruth and marc watch napoleon tomorrow after church cause they still haven't seen it! Goosshh! ruth and marc invited me and em over last night to watch a movie. it was lots of fun..even if i did have to associate with marcruthemma. haha. we watched The Village. it's kinda scarey, but i really liked it because it's not like your normal movie. it was very good actually. :)

well i guess this is all..
have a great night everyone!:)

xoxo. adj

p.s. sugar lump

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

lugar shump

so i'm sitting here drinking some hot chocolate while grace and rebekah watch reruns of smallville...and i'm thinking about how much homework i have and how much i don't wanna do it. :(

btw, what's this about trying to be the first one to comment? does it really matter? i don't think it matters who is first what i look for is the quality of the comment..soo yeah.

kemp says "oh my goodness!" he wants to get on the computer and play the m&m game. see, i was in the middle of writing this, but i had to get up and put my cup in the sink, and i came back and kemp was playing on here. i told him that i'd be through in a min and then he could get on. he told emma "i was on the computer, but then addie crushes on." hahahaha.

i wanted to go to the basketball game at school tonight.. hmm. probably not gonna happen. emma takes the car for ballet and i do have a ton of homework. oh yeah i think i mentioned that.
well, kemp is very disgruntled so i guess i should go!

be prayin for Papa!
xoxo. adj

p.s. the title of this post has a meaning.. see if you know! (except for carey, emma, grace, and dad haha)