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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What came to my mind

"Make the change, it's worth the try.What's broken can be fixed tonight."

Gooday Mates!
so i woke up this morning and the sky was redish so i told mom "red skies in the morning, sailors take warning." so she did. that was the random fact of this post. (but then later it turned out to be a beautiful day..)
well, i hope yall have noticed the new title. i was pleased with the comments i recieved and decided all of the suggestions were so good i just had to combine them. it is a little long, but i just wanted to see what yall thought. ;) (it's for a limited time only.) ya know what? i could become a super hero because of this, and save the world! comic books will be coming soon, then a tv show..and the next thing you know you could be going to the theater to see my big MOVIE! at the oscars i will be sure to thank those of you who contributed!
ok now onto the more serious side of my post.. tomorrow is carey's 24 birthday! wow!!!!!!! be sure to show her how much you appreciate her. :) she is a great older sister and i wanna be just like her when i grow up. she has taught me soo much and i always know i can come to her for advice about anything. she has such a caring heart and sweet spirit. she's fun to be around and she has the best laugh. :) i admire her relationship with the Lord and i only hope to be as wonderful as her one day. to sum it all up: i love you carey!!
anyway, i hope all of you are having a good day. school wasn't so terribly boring haha. my last class of the day is journalism and me and some other people went around taking pictures for the Valentine's Article. :) it probably seems early for us to be working on that, but we have to do stuff early in order to take the newspaper to be printed. the Valentine's issue will come out on Fed. 11th i think. i really like journalism. i've taken it for 3 years and this year i'm a senior editor. i've been thinking that it could be a possible major for me. maybe one day i'll be a magazine editor? or a reporter? who knows?
ok, i think this is enough rambling for tonight!


  • ha! nice title...
    I like about "addieland tales" or stories from addieland" or "today in addieland" or "the addieland journal" many options!
    24!! I can't believe she's that old! her car insurance will go down soon!
    wait a minute...if she's that old, why hasn't she ever bought me a beer? HEY CAREY--you owe me a beer!!
    as for your journalism career...I think you should post some articles on your blog. I'd be interested in reading them...blogging is the future anyway...I never read newspapers anymore.

    By Blogger ~rich, at 1:56 AM  

  • thank you addie! you are precious and almost made me cry! i love you too!

    about the beer for richard... just come down to Charleston when you get back and we'll make this happen! (thankfully, i'm not as old as you are yet!)

    By Blogger charlestongal, at 8:34 AM  

  • What do you mean you're not as old as ~rich is "YET!"

    And Happy Birthday to Charlestongal!!!

    Great Blog Adj!! ILY!!!

    By Blogger Joy Ridge, at 10:26 AM  

  • carey, you DO HAVE THE MOST AWESOME LAUGH EVER!! haha!! when you really laugh, its funny, and when you slightly chuckle, you sound likf mother goose!! haha, carey, you are wonderful...

    addie, i love the name of your blog!!

    By Blogger Grace, at 1:26 PM  

  • mother goose??? wow..... yeah, i get commments on my laugh a lot. i used to have this really good one, but that was back in college and because emma made fun of it, it's harder to do now!

    By Blogger charlestongal, at 11:10 PM  

  • hey, emma makes fun of me too...what's up with that??
    I say we make fun of her since she doesn't blog...she'll never know...we'll all be laughing until she comes into the room, then "oh, hey emma...(cricket, cricket)...(cricket)...what's up?"
    HA! I'll get her back for all those years...finally!!

    By Blogger ~rich, at 12:05 AM  

  • it seems like emma makes fun of me all the time... well, no longer!

    btw: emma's favorite movie is "Jingle All The Way!"

    By Blogger charlestongal, at 10:51 AM  

  • why is everyone making fun of me??? i do not see the humor in all this...btw jingle all the way is not my favorite movie. (nice try carey!)
    anyway, i just wanted to comment on the blogs because i was begining to feel left out. hope everyone is having a great day!
    Love, Emma =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:42 PM  

  • ha! emma speaks, but how do we know it's really her? the comment says anonymous...I don't think it was really her, plus I know that her fav movie is really "Honey, I shrunk the kids!"

    By Blogger ~rich, at 12:38 AM  

  • her favorite movie isn't honey i shrunk the kids though...

    By Blogger Grace, at 9:47 AM  

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